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The Wireless Technology And Security

Many organizations and users have found that wireless communications and devices are convenient, flexible, and easy to use. Users of wireless local area network (WLAN) devices have flexibility to move their laptop computers from one place to another within their offices while maintaining connectivity with the network. Wireless personal networks allow users to share data and applications with network systems and other users with compatible devices, without being tied to printer cables and other peripheral device connections. Users of handheld devices such as personal digital assistants (PDAs) and cell phones can synchronize data between PDAs and personal computers and can use network services such as wireless email, web browsing, and Internet access. Further, wireless communications can help organizations cut their wiring costs. When working from home, it’s no longer necessary to have an office. Wireless technology has made working from your bed, the kitchen table cheap medical coverage or the back yard easy. But if you have a wireless router, or you support end users who do, you must make sure it is secured properly. Failing to do so could put your computer at risk. Wireless capabilities have launched a whole new platform for monitoring and control of equipment and processes. It has many advantages and benefits over conventional wire and fiber systems. Already many wireless control systems are being used and growing and expanding every day. The advantages are to enticing to go any other way. Citrix was used to optimize inventory management process. As the access infrastructure foundation, Citrix Presentation Server provides staff with real-time access to a proprietary ERP solution called “PEPPOS” that is customized for retail management via PCs and wirelessly over PDAs. As goods move in and out of the warehouses, the bar code attached to each item is scanned, allowing the staff to track inventory movement. Previously, they had to walk to a LAN terminal to manually enter the data.  The new wireless technology solution resulted in a more efficient model for keeping track of inventory back at the warehouses, with front-line sales staff now having online access to the most updated information from virtually any machine in a secure manner.

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