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The Information Technology Security

IT Security is charged with safeguarding the confidentiality, integrity and availability of all information processed, stored or transmitted using university electronic resources by:

  • Providing comprehensive information security awareness and training.
  • Ensuring compliance with all federal, state and local legislation relative to information security.
  • Developing, promoting and reviewing UNCW information security policies.
  • Conducting frequent information security inspections, audits and assessments.
  • Taking proactive measures to counter threats, vulnerabilities and cyber-attacks.
  • Reviewing Disaster Recovery/ Business Continuity plans and testing them via drills and exercises.
  • Facilitating the ITS change management program.
  • Conducting timely investigations and responses to computer security related incidents.
  • Performs independent oversight and governance functions for information assurance and protection, information risk management, security incident investigations, business continuity, and disaster recovery across the entire university;
  • Works in cooperation with the Office of the General Counsel to interpret laws and regulations governing information security and privacy and provide appropriate compliance oversight;
  • Produces and maintains university-wide information security policies and standards that specify required and recommended information security measures and controls;

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